In Frame Rebuild

Well, the worst has happened.  My engine is knocking.  Did I attract that in my life?  I dismantled the engine and discovered that piston #5 had a bad oil ring and chewed up the sleeve and the piston.  That is one blessing about the DT466, you can do an inframe rebuild without buying a new motor.  Just pop the sleeve.  Almost thankful it happened, because now I know the inner guts of my bus :)


I'm Back. And I've moved in.

Well that was a long 2 month stretch.  Summer has been a rush.  Downsizing has been challenging, and creating an efficient routine has taken time to develop.  But this tiny life is the life for me


A Hole in the Roof

My wood burning stove is the popular cubic mini stove.  The cubic mini stove model is the "grizzly"  and is able to heat a 40' boat, around 250 sq. ft.  Punching a hole in the roof proved difficult - I bought a 4" hole saw to puncture the roof and with little success.  I would suggest buying a metal blade for a jig saw.  I have 4' of flue and a 3" marine cap.  Really love the cap!



Red Rocks

Had an unbelievable time at Red Rocks over Labor Day weekend.  Had a very spontaneous adventure and lots of interest in the bus.  I even ended up playing a 5-man poker game!  It's amazing to hear what someone would do with a school bus.  People are quite creative!


Keeping it simple: 1 Faucet, 1 (50) Gallon Water Tank, 1 Shurflo water pump (12V, 3.5gpm @45psi) and 1 (3) Gallon Water Heater (12V).  All patched in the rear bathroom covered by benches.  What a rewarding experience to have running water in a school bus!  Filling the tank happens in the back garage featured in photo #2


The Kitchen will be quite simple.  2 cabinets, stainless steel counter space, and a fridge.   The stainless isn't as pretty as the custom wood blocks you see everywhere in the media, but it will be incredibly useful to have something easy to clean, cut on, and virtually indestructible.    

I plan on doing everything on this counter top with a deep sink - laundry, bathing, eating, grooming, ect.  I'm a germaphobe so the mere thought of mixing these things make me cringe, but that's the deal with tiny living: luxury is sacrificed at the cost of efficiency.