Downsize & Upcycle

Getting out of the greasy oily shop to develop a new skill in my mom's sew shop.  We are thinking of teaming up since she is a quilter.  Since many people are going Tiny, it means they have to downsize.  My mother specializes in quilts that feature a collection of garments.  (Check out her work: Click Here) So if you have clothing you don't wear but are emotionally attached to, make a quilt out of it for your tiny home!  Email me for more details if you are interested :)


In Frame Rebuild

Well, the worst has happened.  My engine is knocking.  Did I attract that in my life?  I dismantled the engine and discovered that piston #5 had a bad oil ring and chewed up the sleeve and the piston.  That is one blessing about the DT466, you can do an inframe rebuild without buying a new motor.  Just pop the sleeve.  Almost thankful it happened, because now I know the inner guts of my bus :)


I'm Back. And I've moved in.

Well that was a long 2 month stretch.  Summer has been a rush.  Downsizing has been challenging, and creating an efficient routine has taken time to develop.  But this tiny life is the life for me


A Hole in the Roof

My wood burning stove is the popular cubic mini stove.  The cubic mini stove model is the "grizzly"  and is able to heat a 40' boat, around 250 sq. ft.  Punching a hole in the roof proved difficult - I bought a 4" hole saw to puncture the roof and with little success.  I would suggest buying a metal blade for a jig saw.  I have 4' of flue and a 3" marine cap.  Really love the cap!