All of my electrical is powered by the sun.

(6) 300W Solar Panels

(8) Liberty 1000 (200 Amp HR) Batteries.  6V strung in series - creating 800AMP HR

800AMP HR = approximately 4800Watts of stored energy.  (Potentially 9600 Watts, but it's not wise to use more than 50% of your batteries)

Magnasine Pure sine wave inverter @ 2000Watts (Magnasine)


Composting Toilet

No Water.  No Mess. No Odor.

This is the Nature's Head composting toilet.  With proper ventilation, this product is top of the line.  Especially if you are looking to avoid a black water tank.  

Cubic Mini Stove!.jpg

Wood Stove

Cubic Mini Stove: Grizzly

It seems as many school bus conversions are leaning toward the mini cubic stove.  The product is high end and beautiful.


50 Gallon Fresh Water Tank


Purchased on Plastic Mart.

The Tank is in the rear of the bus with the fill in the garage.  This Tank is pumped to a 12V Electric Water Heater 3 Gallons.  It's distributed by Whale Pumps.  This is a great solution if you are avoiding using LP in your skoolie.  I'm all electric and I'm loving it.

Shurflow 2.jpg

12 V  Water Pump (Shurflo) 

It's a little noisier than I expected.  And if you have a short plumb line it will run constantly with the faucet.  But it's a powerful and comfortable pressure